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The Pulse Star II Pro has been designed primarily for the detection of medium and large targets at depths much greater than conventional hobby detectors.

Key features include:

            Detects large objects at 5m (16 feet) and deeper

            Pulse Induction System, no ground effect: Coils from 2.5cm (1") up to 2m (80") can be


            Stable operation even in highly mineralized soils or salt water

            Conductivity measurement for metal discrimination/analysis

            Ignore single coins, nails, foil and other small targets

            Simple operation

The PULSE STAR II was specifically designed to detect large metal objects at great depths. Since the detector can be operated with very large search coils (standard size: 1m x 1m = 40" x 40") and transmits high power pulses, it penetrates much deeper than conventional VLF detectors with smaller coils.

Large areas can be searched quickly with the bigger coils: Small metal pieces such as bottle caps, foils and individual coins are automatically ignored with the standard 1m frame coil.

A wide range of accessory coils (probe, 10”, 18”) also makes it possible to locate smaller objects.

Any kind of metal can be detected. For objects larger than 10 cm (4") a conductivity measurement determines whether the object has good conductivity (e.g. silver) or poor conductivity (e.g. Iron).  An experienced operator will be able to tell the likely size, depth and metal composition of the target before he digs.

The Pulse Star II is supplied with following as standard:

PSP in box  PSP 1m coil

      • Control box

      • 1m x 1m search coil

      • Leather case for the control box, complete with straps and belt attachment

      • Straps for the search coil allowing 2 and 1 man operation.

      • Battery charger

      • Travel case for control box

      • Travel bag for search coil

The control box is compact and lightweight: controls haves been kept to a minimum and operation is extremely simple.

PSP control box

The detector is powered by a lead acid battery that is built into the control box.  Fully charged the battery last approximately 10 hours, the battery does not need to be flat before charging.

Typical Detection Depths with the standard 1m x 1m coil

Aluminum soft drink can (33cl)                      40”

Aluminum sheet 8” x 16” x 1/25”                  65”

Iron sheet 9” x 9” x 1/50”                              70”

20 ltr steel petrol can                                      88”


These depths will be much greater for larger objects

The Pulse Star II Pro has a proven track record in recovery and is a quality instrument manufactured in Germany.


Operating system:                   Pulse Induction, motion and non-motion operation.

Control box:
Dimensions                             6.5" x 3" x 7.5"

Weight including battery:          1.8kg

Coil                                         1m x 1m

Weight:                                   1.7kg

Battery                                   12v Built-in sealed lead acid

Battery life                              10 hours, recharge time 4 hours for empty battery

Warranty                                 2 years

Price including delivery:  £1495

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